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Join a cohort and become certified in the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth® framework.

Deliver vision to the teams you coach through agile execution.

The 7 Attributes of Agile Growth® is a strategic business framework for growth that addresses every aspect of business operations, yet is designed to incorporate outside content, tools, and principles. This framework has proven its ability to scale a business and accelerate value to the company and leadership teams, especially when combined with a seasoned certified coach.

Meet Your Instructor

Founder & CEO of Gravitas Impact Keith Cupp

Keith Cupp is the Founder and CEO of Gravitas Impact. Keith's business background includes the software, homebuilding, telecommunications, retail, and energy sectors. Keith is the author of the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth® business growth framework. As Head Coach of Gravitas, Keith has coached 5 personal clients to award-winning status, including Best Company to Work for, Inc. 500, and #1 Company to Work in the State of Arizona. He was also on the Founding leadership team of the Fit for Life Entrepreneur's Program in Kampala Uganda, and Cross-Cultural Leadership Development Program in Baja Mexico for high school students. Keith is a US Navy Veteran (USS Enterprise), loves miniature Beagles, and cooking good food with family and friends.

Featured Testimonials

The right formula!

Mauro Castillo, Mexico

I think that having Keith teaching us was a high-value privilege. Besides that, Gravitas team did a great job coordinating and bringing a positive vibe. To have this training separated over a span of weeks allowed me to better digest and practically apply all recommendations and learning I gained from Keith and my cohort colleagues. Finally, the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth is a fantastic framework to enable Companies’ growth. I totally recommend this program!

Knowledge, Confidence, Skills!

Sharn Rayner

Knowledge - Using tools that I either hadn't previously or in a simpler or more client-friendly format -very helpful Skill - Nances learned from the way that Keith leads a coaching activity, which I am applying to my coaching. Confidence - Receiving feedback from Keith has been really good, sometimes when there is no one to critique you, you aren't really sure how you are doing... except for a full diary of clients - but, it really is great to have Keith providing his feedback.

Live Sessions + Cohort is great!

Mervyn Byrd

I have a much better knowledge of the 7A tools and this certification process is much better than going through a framework on my own. I'm beginning to practice using the tools in every situation that I find relevant. As a result, I'm gaining more confidence. I look forward to my growth 3, 6, and 12 months from now.

Thank you so much!

Cheyenne Bennett

Thank you so much! I've loved learning through Gravitas and have met so many great people.

A Great Experience

Sherman Black

Shoutout to Keith, Megan, Amy at team Gravitas, and my cohort colleagues. It was a great experience and I loved learning from you guys.


What comes to mind when you say this word out loud? Family? Friends? Colleagues? Within Gravitas Impact, "Community" has a clear and compelling meaning, based on our years of experience together...the collective care, intellect, and impact of members who live and are inspired by similar Core Values and purpose.